School / Institutions


idea Brand

Working with schools and colleges has been very important to us. Since inception, we have worked closely with schools and colleges to provide customized products supporting the needs of individual students.

Some of our specialized products include:

  • Customized notebook
  • Custom cover prints
  • Answer booklets
  • Record / Practical Notebooks
  • Writing Pads
  • Exam paper
  • Brown cover
  • Copier Paper - A4, FS, A3

Our products are also environment friendly

  • Produced with environment friendly material
  • Raw materials are FSC certified - FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits
  • Bright white paper is used - ideal for school
  • Products ensure eco-friendly process - elemental chroline free pulp bleaching to ensure the process prevents pollution